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We are deeply grateful for their continuous financial support to :

-          the A.G. Leventis Foundation,

-          the John S. Latsis Foundation,

-          Scepsi A.E.,

In addition to the Charitable foundations/companies that offered financial support, we would like to thank :

for the offer of products or equipment the hospitals/companies :

-          IASO Paidon Private Hospital and Livadia General Hospital for the generous offer of large quantities of surgical and pharmaceutical material,

-          VASCO MEDICAL, for the use without charge of 2 mannequins and defibrillators for the needs of the BLS and ATLS courses,

-          Compuserve, for the donation of toys for the Pediatric Department play area,

and for the offer of their services the companies :

- Turkish Airlines, for the free transport of the large supplies that the medical team brought with it in Mekelle,

- the EFG Eurolife company,

for providing for a second consecutive year travel insurance to the volunteers participating in the Mission.

We would also like to address special thanks to the Greek Ambassador in Addis Ababa Mr. M. Daradzikis, for welcoming and hosting the dinner for the volunteers of Mission ANTHROPOS in Addis Ababa, at the historical Greek Athletic Club of the city.  
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