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result eng.1   result eng.2   The results of the 2011 pediatric and general surgical missions in numbers:

Operations:51 surgical operations were performed in 5 working days, including
  • 26 pediatric cases
  • 14 ENT (ear-nose and throat) cases and
  • 11 general surgery cases.

  • 15 doctors were trained in the basic principles of ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support),
  • more than 60 members of the medical and paramedical personnel of the hospital (residents, medical students, nurses) were trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) for adults and children, using external defibrillator,
  • about 20 members of the medical and paramedical personnel of the hospital were trained in new surgical techniques and anesthetic procedures, by participating in the surgical procedures and by being exposed to new techniques,
  • the Greek pediatricians participated in the daily rounds of pediatric patients and suggested diagnostic procedures and therapeutic strategies based on current international standards,
  • pediatric pathology lectures addressing various topics were given,
  • the out-patient clinic of ENT surgery was organized.

Donations/Free supplies: 400 kgrs of medical equipment, including surgical, pharmaceutical material and medicines were donated to the hospital.

Additional Assistance: toys and writing material were donated to the Pediatrics’ Department play area and individually to each pediatric patient.

Clothes, toys and personal gifts were offered to the paramedical staff of the operating room and to their families.
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