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The non for profit organization Mission ANTHROPOS would like to thank :

for the offer of medical consumables, the hospitals/companies,

 - IASO Paidon Private Pediatric Hospital, for the continuous generous support,
 - Abbot Pharmaceuticals, and
 - Cana Α.Ε.

for their time, the volunteers

 - Mrs. Leda Ambatzi and Mrs. Maria Gazouli for secretarial assistance,
 - Dr. Eleni Georgiadi for assistance regarding the web site of our organization and
 - Ms. Korina Anagnostopoulou for creating the logo of this year’s campaign “Mission ANTHROPOS: Hear the needs of people”,
 - as well as all the individuals who by donating time, money or consumables made the realization of our missions possible.

Without the help of all the above our dream could have never become true.