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apotelesmata1 apotelesmata3   1. Surgeries

A total of 51 surgical operations were performed, including :
  • 18 cases of pediatric surgery and
  • 33 cases of ENT surgery. In the end of the mission, the local ENT surgeon had amassed both the knowledge and the necessary equipment in order to continue performing most current, simple ENT surgeries.

2. Training of medical and paramedical personnel
  • training of the medical and paramedical personnel in surgical techniques and anesthetic procedures,
  • donation of a computer to the anesthesiology team of the operation room (OR), that included major anesthesiology textbooks, useful as an every day reference,
  • donation of a leaflet with information, instructions and advise for parents and personnel of a Pediatric Clinic, for the preparation of the little patients and their families, that can be serve as a guideline for creating a similar one, adapted to local needs, kind offer of Dr. S. Papadakou, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, “Asklipieion” Voulas General Hospital.

3. Donation of medical equipment
  • donation of 170 kgr of medical equipment and pharmaceutical material, including various ENT surgical instruments and 27 bone marrow biopsy sets for adults and children, much needed in the local hospital.

4. Collaboration with other non-governmental organizations (NGO)

examination of children presenting pediatric and ENT pathologies of the NGOs “Lalibela” and “Kinder Not Hilfe” (KNH), that take care of orphan and destitute children, followed by medical advise, treatment and surgical intervention in two of them.

5. Humanitarian

Offer of :
  • toys, exercise books and writing material to the Play Area of the Pediatric Department and to all Pediatric patients, and
  • paintings and toys from the first grade of a Greek school to the hospitalized children.
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