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From the beginning of the program “Stiri-zoume : Medical and Pharmaceutical care for all” in early 2013 up until December 2014, we have responded to 142 requests from social services of Municipalities and other organizations.


  • 61 requests covering costs of medical examinations (laboratory tests, CT & MRI scans, u/s, genetic and metabolic control),
  • 52 requests for medication and medical supplies,
  • 11 requests for orthopedic supplies,
  • 6 requests for surgeries,
  • 4 requests for doctor’s consultations,
  • 5 requests covering childbirths,
  • 2 requests covering the cost of wheelchairs,
  • 1 request for a prosthetic limb.

All the above could not have been achieved without the donations and support of the AG Leventis Foundation, the Bodosssaki Foundation, the Hellenic Hope Charity, as well as donations from companies and individuals.

We would also like to thank IASO Pedon Children’s Hospital, Bioatriki Group of Companies and Hellenic Pasteur Institute for their support.