May-July 2020 "We Protect our Grandparents" an initiative of Mission ANTHROPOS for COVID-19

May-July 2020 “We Protect our Grandparents” an initiative of Mission ANTHROPOS for COVID-19

The organization Mission ANTHROPOS has realized a series of programs and initiatives in recent years to support and help the senior citizens who are permanent residents at non-profit Homes for the Elderly.

Due to the new and pressing needs that have arisen as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we launched a new Initiative named:

“We Protect our Grandparents”

We asked for your help in order to provide three (3) Homes for the Elderly with 3.400 masks, 30.000 single use gloves and 60 lt of antiseptic solution that met the immediate needs of 105 elderly people and their caretakers for two months.

With your help, we have succeeded in providing three homes of the Elderly with these invaluable supplies, namely “Panagia I Eleousa” in Nea Ionia with 720 masks, 12.000 single use gloves and 12lt of antiseptic solution, “O Kalos Samareitis” in Nea Philadelphia with 900 masks, 15.000 single use gloves and 16lt of antiseptic solution and lastly, “Koinoniki Merimna Mosxatou: Dionisios Theofilatos” in Mosxato with 1.860 masks. 6.200 single use gloves and 20lt of antiseptic solution.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you and especially our students-volunteers:

Anna-Maria K., Katerina K., Doris A., Sophia V., Dimitris M. Konstantinos S., Panagiotis K., Panagiotis M., Christoforos M., Stavros M. and Stephanos K., for creating the video to promote the initiative.

Even though they were quarantined at home, they found a way to help the elderly!

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