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Φροντί-ζουμε την Τρίτη Ηλικία

Our program won a prize at BRAVO AWARDS 2019, on the sector BRAVO Society, organized by the QualityNet FOUNDATION.

General information

Our program at a glance …

Aim: To ensure primary medical care for senior citizens who are permanent residents in non profit Homes for the Elderly, in order to provide them with a functional, dignified and higher quality of life.

Beneficiaries: 112 senior individuals residing in Non Profit Homes for the Elderly 

When: January –December 2018

Where: Attica

Collaborating Partners

4 Non Profit Homes for the Elderly

Involvement of 17 Volunteers

  • 15 doctors
  • 2 nurses


930 medical procedures/treatments

      • 192 blood tests
      • 166 other lab/imaging/diagnostic tests
      • 506 clinical medical evaluations
          • all 112 beneficiaries assessed by a cardiologist, an internist, an ophthalmologist and an ENT surgeon
          • 17 assessed by a neurologist
          • 14 assessed by a general surgeon
          • 12 assessed by a dermatologist
          • 10 assessed by an orthopedic surgeon
          • 5 assessed by an urologist
      • 9 medical evaluations at the ENHC
      • 5 surgical procedures performed
      • 32 vaccines provided
      • 16 cases of medical treatment covered
      • 4 hearing aids offered
      • 43 ambulance transports to and from the ENHC
  • 1223 items donated
      • 123 medical equipment items
      • 1.100 consumables


Sponsor: TΙΜΑ Charitable Foundation

Health Provider Partner: HENRY DUNANT Hospital Center (HDHC)


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