Sustainability Equipment for NPCHE

Εξοπλισμός ΜΦΗ

Last week, the Non-Profit Care Homes for the Elderly that are based in Attica and were participating in the program “Improving the life of seniors” received equipment aimed at sustainability, approved by the members of the Postgraduate Studies Program “Physiology of Aging and Geriatric Syndromes”. We are confident that this equipment will help the seniors’ daily life and overall quality of life!

The equipment remans property of the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, and was given to the NPCHE free courtesy, in order to secure the results of the program. We warmly thank the director of the PGP, professor Petros Sfikakis.

The program “Improving the life of seniors” is a collaboration between the NGO Mission ANTHROPOS and PGP “Physiology of Aging and Geriatric Symptoms”, in the context of CIVIS Open Labs. The program is co-funded by TIMA Charitable Foundation.



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