The first Geriatric Assessments!

Γηριατρικές Ντυνάν

The first three Geriatric Assessments took place as part of the program “Improving the life of seniors II”!

Three seniors residing permanently in non-profit care homes visited the Henry Dunant Hospital Center, and were examined by the specialized multidisciplinary team of the Center of Geriatric Assessment. During the examination. their physical, cognitive and mental  state was assessed, among others, while premature dysfunctions were investigated and proposals were made for interventions aimed at prolonging their autonomy.

Students from the Postgraduate program “Physiology of Aging and Geriatric Syndromes”, who also attended the examination, will be responsible for following up with the seniors in the next weeks, in the context of service-learning.

The Geriatric Assessments were implemented thanks to the support of the John S. Latsis Benefit Foundation.

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