Who we are

Mission “ANTHROPOS” is committed to offering free and effective medical care and humanitarian support worldwide.

We are a Greek non-profit organization, member of the National Registry of Non Profit Organizations (No. 09121ΑΕΕ15006Ο14Ν-1220), the Special Registry of Volunteer Non Governmental Organizations (No. 09121ΑΕΕ15006Ο14Ν-1105) and of the Registry of Non Profit Organizations of Social Care of the Private Sector (109) of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare.

Mission “ANTHROPOS” responds to humanitarian needs by organizing Missions in the developing world, Programs in Greece for vulnerable groups, migrants and refugees and Initiatives that address specific rising needs of the Greek society.

 Since 2010, we have successfully completed three missions in Ethiopia in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and one mission in Tanzania in 2019.

In Greece we have completed the Programs «We Vaccinate – Children Without Insurance, Not Without Protection» (2012-2017), «We care – For the Elderly» (2018) and “We offer-Smiles to Children” (2019-2020), while two more Programs are currently running: “We Support – Medical Care for All” (2013- to date) and “WOMENTORS: Empowering Young Women” (2020-2022).

Additionally, more than 27 parallel initiatives have been undertaken, with the help of our volunteers and in collaboration with an extended network of partners nation wide.

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