Mission “ANTHROPOS” is a Greek non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with independent medical and humanitarian action.
Its purpose is to offer free humanitarian and medical aid to individuals or populations who are in need, anywhere in the world, regardless of race, religion, nationality, ideology, political or other beliefs.

Our activities

Medical Services

We organize, fund and support programs that offer medical services with emphasis on diagnosis and treatment, donation of medical equipment and supplies, medical training and health infrastructure.

Programs for vulnerable groups in developing countries and in Greece

We offer assistance to populations in need mainly in developing countries, but also to vulnerable groups, economic immigrants, asylum seekers or other people with limited access to free medical care in Greece.


We contribute to the continuous education of medical and paramedical personnel and to public information and awareness on health issues, in our effort to empower individuals.


We build domestic and international collaborations with hospitals, medical centers, universities, other NGOs, local communities and organizations, institutions and networks, as well as with individuals and organizations who are involved in similar activities.


We promote the spirit of volunteering and selflessness, by mobilizing and training volunteers in humanitarian aid and medical support.

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